The day I found play dough in the microwave 

It started like any other day. The newborn woke up first, followed by my three year old and lastly my son…the one I call gremlin.

I can usually tell how my day is going to go within the first 30 minutes of being up. However, my assumptions today were wrong. (I’ll never trust my instincts again.)

When there is a toddler in your house…trust nothing. Trust no one. Be alert, anticipating their next move. If you think you have them figured out…think again.

My son is extremely active. (What boy isn’t, my mother in law tells me). He’s usually got a few tricks up his sleave and manages to cause a little chaos wherever he goes. He keeps me on my toes, and every time I think I’m getting the hang of having 3 kids…he makes me think again.

I should have known what kind of day I’d have when he came downstairs naked, in a tea party hat and cowboy boots. He fooled me with laughter.

After a semi normal morning of school, (aside from him coloring on the walls) my newborn had woken from her nap and was ready to eat…little did I know my son was plotting his next move as we sat there watching Mickey Mouse.

As I went Upstairs to change my daughter, get her dressed and gather up any lingering dirty clothes…he made his move.

The Plan In Action

My oldest came upstairs and said “mommy he found flowers…” “he did?” I said. (Wondering what flowers she was talking about) she continued… “yeah, he found the white flower in your room”… “mommy doesn’t have white flowers in her room, what are you talking about?” starting to panic, I began moving faster. My three year old persisted… “Not flowers mommy…FLOUR”.

Pausing to take in what she said, trying to figure out what “flour” she was talking about. I quickly finished what I was doing and said “okay, let’s go see his flowers”.

“FLOUR mommy” she said again.

“Okay, flour. Got it.”

So downstairs we went and as I rounded the corner it all made sense.

He had found the baby powder in my room, that I so ignorantly left on my nightstand the night before.*

*For the record, I put the powder on our sheets…not on my baby!

It had snowed. A baby soft snow, in my entire house. A trail of white on my dark tile floors lead me to the scene of the crime, where an empty bottle of powder lay next to an overly proud little boy.

I didn’t know where to start.

Toddlers Move Fast

After documenting the mess, snapping a picture of my son and getting little sister situated in her swing. I began to clean up the destruction he so quickly created.

But he wasn’t done yet.

While I swept, mopped, wiped and mopped again he was on to the next phase of his plan. No more than a few minutes had past when he came into my room with a black substance all over his face…

What NOW!?

I guess he was trying to mimic my husbands beard. Because he had applied mascara to his cheeks. (Have I mentioned he knows how to operate child locks?)

Pressing pause on the baby powder fiasco, I scooped him up and took him to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Juice, crackers, tv.

Surely that will buy me enough time to finish cleaning up.

Well I was wrong.

I found him in the kitchen proudly eating chocolate chip cookies on the floor. With chocolate smeared all over his face and a grin from ear to ear. I couldn’t even be upset, cookies were delicious!


He sat there with complete contentment as I made lunch. Later, as I went to warm up my chicken & rice I opened the microwave to find a little orange play dough patty inside. (This was the work of my 3yr old.)

Something about that little patty made me smile. Of all the places I thought.

Almost instantly I felt God speak to me…

“Enjoy these days” he said.


I wasn’t expecting that.

God used that little orange play dough patty to stop me in my tracks and give me perspective. To remind that one day, I wouldn’t have a rambunctious little boy to chase around. I wouldn’t have a little Cookie Monster in my house and I wouldn’t have a little girl copying me by pretending to cook using play dough.

The mess could be cleaned, the faces could be wiped and cookies can always be made again. God had turned all that chaos into something wonderful. Into something important.

I didn’t really get anything done that day…Except make memories.

So now, because of God and my crazy little kids….

I will never forget the day I found play dough in my microwave.

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