Our Morning Basket 

Our Morning Basket

I am always looking for ideas to improve our school day. To make it more fun, more interesting, more heartwarming, and more relaxed (My type a personality sometimes enforces too much structure).

Adding a morning basket to our homeschool routine did just that. Instead of diving right into a challenging subject feeling rushed to stay on schedule, we ditched the classroom clock, grabbed a stack of books and opted for a more laid back approach to our homeschool day.

What We’ve Gained

Starting with a morning basket allows us to ease into the redundancy of school while still keeping an aspect of it creative, fun and personal. I especially loved this idea since my 2yr old son insists on sitting in and being apart of our school day. This is a great way for him to feel involved too. I also have a 2 month old, so morning time really saves the day when baby sister decides to skip a nap and join the fun as well. We can all just sit on the floor together, enjoy a few stories, have some conversation and start our day in prayer. It’s helped me to learn to listen, it’s helped my children learn to dial down the energy and channel in to what I’m saying, and it’s added a little something special to our day. Something we can do as they grow older.

What’s In Our Basket

So with all that being said here’s a look at our morning basket!

(All links attached to photos)

We love this book. It’s realistic, light hearted and has just enough humor to keep everyone interested.

This is great place to start if you want to begin teaching your little one about the word of God. Cute illustration and very comprehensible stories for young ones.

This little book is great at teaching kids about how God wants us to live, act and think. It includes a quick devotion, followed by a featured bible verse and a simple prayer. Even my 2yr old prays with us!

Quick classic rhymes to learn together. A great learning & listening tool.

This book has everything!! Rhymes, poems, stories, fables, music, history, art, science and more! Hours of reading as well as special sidebars throughout to make reading fun and interactive. This book is a must have! 

This is a great STEM activity. It comes with three different challenge levels (Easy, Medium and Hard) so both my kids can play.

My kids love painting. However mom isn’t a fan of the mess that goes with it. These are great little books to occupy your little one or to do together!


Get creative with your basket! Anything goes! Also please feel free to share what’s in your morning basket!

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