Organizing the chaos

Organizing the chaos…kind of sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?

But adding a little bit of order to your day, can make it seem achievable.

Because let’s be honest, it’s nearly impossible for moms to create a set “schedule” for their day.

Instead I usually try to set a rythem. Things I want to get done, or things that need to get done divided into a morning rythem & afternoon rythem.

For example, I like to do school with my 3yr old in the mornings. Some days we start at 8 and some days we don’t start until 10. Getting rid of the pressure to start at a certain time everyday makes for a more productive, stress free day.

My afternoon rythem is usually my most flexible few hours. My multitask level is usually pretty high. Most days I try to encourage my kids to have some independent play following lunch time, that way I can do things like pay bills or make phone calls.

But some days (a lot of days) independent play doesnt last long. In which case I’ll bounce from bill paying to laundry mode. That way I am able to play with them and still be productive.

Setting generic goals, seems to help “organize the chaos” for me. It helps me to remember that since my kids are still young, I have to work around their wants and needs. It helps me to still be productive throughout the day, without creating excess stress for myself.

I have definitely had to change my thinking over years. I prefer to always finish what I start. However that’s not realistic with two kids under the age of 4. So teaching myself to have a “rythem” to the day instead of a “schedule” really helps to create a stress free environment.

The only “scheduled” part of our day is bedtime, which is at 8. Naps are determined on wake up time & some days they will skip nap time all together (and extra prayer is required on those days).

What are some things you do to help “organize the chaos”?

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