You are a good mom

We all have those days. 

Days where the patience wasn’t there, dinner came from a box, or the kids went to bed without a bath (when they really NEEDED a bath). 

Maybe you crawled into bed, house a mess, with no energy left for your husband. Maybe you sat in the bathroom and cried during nap time. Maybe you feel exhausted, frustrated, and defeated. 

What ever the reason may be, you feel like you failed. 

I want to give you some encouragement. 

Because we all have those days.

I want to remind you that tomorrow is a new day. That no matter what happened today, your husband still loves you. Your kids still adore you, and you are an amazing mother. A resilient mother. 

Because you know what?

When you wake up in the morning, you will be ready to tackle the day. You will be ready and determined to redeem yourself. To push through the hard times, and through the frustrations of parenting. Nothing that happened the day before or week before should ever set the tone for a NEW day. Cut yourself some slack, and remind yourself that even on the hard days…you are still a good mom.

You care enough about your family to evaluate your day, to hold yourself accountable. You care enough to worry every single day about failing them. 

So no matter what kind of meal you prepare, or how dirty your kids are when they go to bed. No matter how many times you had to stop and count to ten, or how many times in the day you just wanted to cry. 

You are still a good mom. 

Even on the toughest of days, you are still everything your family needs…and more. 

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