The mom behind the chaos


The chaos.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering what exactly the chaos is. Well I’ll tell you…

The chaos is what every mother can relate to in one way or another. Its the sleepless nights, the messy house. Its the spit up on yesterdays shirt that you’re still wearing the next day.

Its the tantrums, the blow outs & blow ups….

Its motherhood.


I am a mom of 2 beautiful children, with another little chaos set to arrive in January! I am fortunate enough to be home with my children everyday, watching them grow, play and learn. Of course, being a stay at home mom would not be possible without the hard work of my husband. We truly live a blessed life.


I’m passionate about my family.

Most days I spend every second I can with them, and should I have some time to myself I usually spend it thinking about them or at least thinking of ways to make my time most valuable for them. I see my life as both a privilege and a job. I always try to provide my kids with everything they need in the simplest of ways. I try to be the best example I can to them, and though most days I go to bed feeling like I failed miserably….

I always wake up and try again.


I hopelessly love a clean house, I obsess over organization and I pretty much cry over anything that spills on my floor. I angry clean, I happy clean and I’m pretty sure I’ve even cleaned in celebration. However, since having two little bundles of chaos, my standards of “clean” have greatly declined. None the less…

I wake up and try again…

In our house we love Jesus, smoked meat and college football. (We’re Texans. What else can I say?)

So, follow my page for some stories, laughs, recipes, tips, tricks & epic fails.

I promise I’m not perfect, but the chaos is.



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